What Does It Feel Like?

Although individual pain tolerance varies, here are some things you can expect. You will not feel the probe insertion itself, but when the current is discharged you will feel a momentary sensation of heat. Different areas of the body have different levels of sensitivity. Most people find discomfort levels to be minimal however everybody is different. If the pain is a concern, you may apply a topical anesthetic, which we can recommend to you during your consultation.

Is It Safe?

Yes, electrolysis has been safely performed for more than 130 years, and even temporary side effects such as red and puffy skin are minimal. It is safe on all skin and hair types, and can be done on any part of the face and body where there is unwanted hair, except the nose and the inside of the ear. It is the only permanent hair removal method approved by the FDA. We use the Silhouette Tone 250 machine, ensuring you have the technology that makes your experience as efficient and comfortable as possible.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

1. Initially, the hairs are in all different stages of growth so the area will require frequent, regular treatment.

2. With regular scheduled clearings, the new emerging hairs will be treated during the early active stage (anagen phase).

3. As the treatment progresses, there will be FEWER and FEWER hairs. Your appointments will get shorter and less frequent.

4. After only a few treatments, you will notice a reduction of unwanted hair. Depending on the amount of hair you have, your hormonal activity, heredity, medications, temporary hair removal methods and an adherence to a treatment schedule, it could take anywhere for a few treatments to a year to clear an area. 

What Should I Do Before My Appointment?

Take a look at our Before & After Care page for more info. Always come with a clean face, all make up removed. Please do not shave for at least 4 days before your treatment. Your hair needs to be long enough to be grabbed with tweezers. Electrolysis works with the moisture in the skin, so stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water the day before and the day of your treatment. Avoid caffeine on the day of treatment if possible. 

Contraindications For Using Electrolysis For Hair Removal:

You may want to check with your doctor to discuss your plan for using electrolysis. Some medical conditions, some diseases or a medication may temporarily exclude you from the procedure. This way you know you will not have any problems going forward.


Myth: “Every day I tweeze the same hairs”

FACT: That is impossible! When a hair is tweezed, the body must first repair the follicle and start the process of building a new hair from the dormant stage. This process takes time. It can take several weeks to several months. Every time the follicle is slightly damaged, there is a greater amount of blood feeing it. Over time, this increase in blood flow can cause a hair to grow deeper and coarser, especially around the lip and chin area.

THE BAD NEWS: When you stop tweezing and start electrolysis treatments, it will appearthat you have more hair than when you started because replacement hairs from dormant follicles emerge daily.

THE GOOD NEWS: The more hairs you see, the more hairs that can be treated and the faster you will be free and clear of your unwanted hair.

Your hair is always growing.

Healthy hair is continually growing, shedding and being replaced. Every day, some hairs begin their new cycle and others end theirs. There are three main stages of hair growth; Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. Electroloysis is most effective and comfortable during the Anagen phase, when the hair first emerges from the skin surface, is short straight, and moist. Adhering to a treatment schedule will ensure that the new hairs are treated in the Anagen phase.

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